For over four years I was the PR for the Open Data Institute Data as Culture arts programme. This case study focuses on the Rohini Devasher residency and exhibition managed and curated by DaC Director Hannah Redler Hawes. The aim was to generate press interest in the visual arts and arts and tech sector, generating international interest as Devasher is based in India and bringing in London audiences to the exhibition.

Rohini Devasher – One Hundred Thousand Suns

Press Release  Press Release:  April 2022

HEADLINE: One Hundred Thousand Suns: a major new film installation by artist and amateur astronomer Rohini Devasher 

Data as Culture (DaC) the art programme of the Open Data Institute (ODI) presents a new 4-channel digital film installation by Artist in Residence Rohini Devasher. Inspired by the concept of digital twin models, 100 years of sun data and conversations with the ODI team, Devasher has created a series of what she calls ‘analogue twins of the Sun’. One Hundred Thousand Suns explores the relationships between observation and experience, information, data and truth. It is curated by DaC Director Hannah Redler-Hawes. 



Rohini’s work was seen by more people globally due to the reach of the relevant press and media attained. The press work brought in people to see the show. 

These are some of the general impacts of the PR work for the ODI Data as Culture programme

  • The development of key messaging and storytelling of the arts programme for accessibility to media and wider audiences
  • Raising awareness of the arts programme and artists to wider audiences beyond the data industry and arts audiences
  • Bringing relevant and new audiences to the Summit
  • Engaging the team and artists in a wider global debate around the issues raised in their work
  • Developing a network of writers nationally and globally, and influential people who became engaged and connected to the art programme leading to further amplification
  • Creating new opportunities for the artists as they are seen by wider audiences and industry professionals
  • As the PR work developed, more opportunities arose. It was a long-term build-up to gain recognition and get traction through media outlets and writers.
  • Good Value — The budgeted days were 22 over 4 years so the success comes from just 5.5 days per annum investment.