I often work with clients on a retainer of two days a month or on project contracts with varying days and timescales. We can work together to assess your needs and find a schedule that suits your organisation and workflow.

Why PR Retainer contracts are beneficial:

retainers are a set amount days/fee per month on an ongoing basis.

Project Contracts: I am happy to work with you to develop a brief, agreement and schedule for a specific time limited project on a set budget.

I learn about the organisation in depth which means:

  • Less time can be spent briefing and managing the work relieving pressure on you
  • I make time for constant check ins for discovery
  • There is time to develop inspiring new strategies
  • I can act as an advocate for the organisation
  • I can support thought leadership opportunities and develop relationships within peer networks
  • Knowing the organisation well means I am in a good position to respond on your behalf
  • We maintain the learning curve which is a mutual investment
  • We develop and sustain sophisticated messaging

Binita is adept at translating complex trans-discipline narratives into outward-facing compelling stories. She is also meticulously organised and offers constructive ideas for planning and strategy.

Hannah Redler Hawes, Data as Culture Director, The ODI (Open Data Institute)

I can employ strategic, long-term planning and creative thinking which means:

  • We develop sustainable strategies to benefit the future growth of your business
  • I can be more embedded into the team and draw inspiration from different aspects of your business
  • I am available on demand for advice and idea development
  • I can think and plan well in advance which allows for a creative approach that delivers more
  • You receive complimentary ‘thinking time’ and benefit from my relationships with other organisations and wider knowledge

Working with Binita has been a fantastic experience. Communication and administration is second to none and she has provided a full scope PR plan that has really helped our client grow their brand.

Lewis English, Independent Marketing Consultant, Underpin Marketing

I can focus on developing strong relationships with the right writers, influencers and journalists which means:

  • This develops trust and awareness in your business and brand over time
  • We create a press ‘fan’ base that we can give exclusives to and regularly feature your work
  • Press contacts start to come to me directly with ideas for something they have space for, and because they get a timely and professional response
  • I can support strategic advertising so that we are aligned with the best media opportunities

When we said ‘let’s go for it’ we could never have imagined the results. In the last three years Binita’s insights, fast thinking and tenacity have resulted in some exciting stuff! 

Annie Bacon, Creative Producer, BCA

I am always available for immediate response to the media and client which means:

  • Being quick off the ball means you never miss a press opportunity
  • The media appreciate reliability and consistency in relationships
  • The media think you are a ‘bigger’ organisation than you are which gives you credibility
  • You and they get what is needed promptly

I keep healthy, up-to-date, well-researched databases that are client specific which means

  • The right messages get to the right media each and every time
  • We can target individuals with the right message and nurture your contacts

Retainers provide excellent value which means:

  • You can manage your budgets and PR workflow better
  • PR gets better value over time as the learning curve is reduced

Retainers are a win-win for everyone!

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