Strategic deep PR work towards your mission and goals

The media landscape for arts and culture has changed dramatically in the last few years. This has given us an opportunity to deliver deeper strategic PR work on behalf of some of our clients, enabling them to achieve their profile, networking and visibility goals. 

If you are looking for a step change in your profile, we go deep. We work with you to understand what makes your organisation unique and pinpoint the core messages and stories that media, peers and key targets will respond to. This deep work is thoughtful, focused, researched and targeted.

Working together with comms specialist Annie Bacon, we have particular strengths in the areas of:

  • developing key messaging
  • researching and developing new audiences
  • network reach
  • diversity, equality and inclusion
  • community
  • equity
  • strategic responses to culturally relevant strategies such as Let’s Create; the Levelling Up agenda
  • multi-faceted campaigns across media channels
  • we develop and sustain sophisticated messaging

We are skilled in strategic PR that communicates vision and opinion and generates high quality coverage. 

Our approach to deep work:

  • Discovery – getting to know you, embedding ourselves within the organisation, conducting visibility research
  • Messaging – developing a core messaging framework; getting to the heart of who you are, what you do, what your audiences love about you
  • Planning – agree strategic goals; set timelines
  • Targeting and mapping – map audiences, messages and media; develop a media matrix to match stories with target media; find the writers who care about the same things as you
  • Delivery – campaign implementation; proactive and reactive activity; media management; ongoing dialogue and network building

We love deep work. It builds the strongest platform for your long term success.

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