Project contracts are a set number of days over a given time period generally for a specific event, exhibition or project. We can work together to assess what works best for PR with your type of project.

For projects, often clients come to me with a specific campaign, set timescale and a fixed budget to attain press for. These can be events, launches, announcements or shows. I am also happy to work with you to develop a brief, agreement and schedule for a specific time-limited project on a set budget.

It’s always good to get me on board early on a project so we can develop a strategy that targets your audiences and we have time to research and plan a good campaign that covers all press opportunities including long leads.

I work across genres using a variety of commercial and self-researched up-to-date and excellent databases. National and local press contacts include diverse fields such as theatre, visual arts, poetry, arts and science, arts and tech, older people, disability, social issues, dance, ceramics, multi-form and arts in health. I also have researchers that I work with to build client-specific databases including influencers.

I often work with clients whose work is new to PR and projects that can be seen as ground-breaking, innovative and not easily pigeonholed.

We also work on retainer contracts and carry out Deeper Work.

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