PR is changing. There is more noise and information than ever before and we are adapting our habits of taking in information because of technology and social media. PR techniques have to evolve with these changes, and so too the methods of reaching new and more diverse audiences.

Looking at your data, you can see where the majority of your existing audiences are coming from. Building a long term ‘community’ of press, media and influencers that like to share your news and work to your key target audiences can help you reach existing and newer audiences in a deeper and more impactful way.

Developing and maintaining a ‘microclimate’ of fans and supporters takes research, time and investment. People trust in people and like to build relationships, work with someone who is willing to go the extra lengths to do this.

Takeaway: The media/PR landscape now includes influencers, so how are you building relationships with them? What are they interested in and what can you offer them so that they feel part of your microclimate where everyone thrives?