I had a significant birthday this year and my Mum gave me a nice cash gift. I have been hankering after a ring for my right hand after I had lost one some years ago.

I love buying jewellery from designer makers wherever possible and love architectural jewellery especially – so what could I find?

I searched online typing ‘architectural silver jewellery’ and such like over the period of three weeks. It was hard, it seems high quality, architectural silver jewellery (and in my budget) is not very easy to find. Then I found an article in the Financial Times ‘Female jewellery designers take Japan to the rest of the world‘ and saw the fabulous ring shown above.

It is by Kazuko Nishibayashi, a Japanese jeweller working in Düsseldorf. I found the designers website and discovered a ring in the same ‘Ori’ series that was perfect for me. I set about ordering one in my size and it arrived three weeks later.

I thought this story nicely proved how PR can work for your business in ways it is hard to imagine. Without this article, I would never have found the jeweller.