I ran a workshop recently for an organisation to train them in PR. What transpired after my detailed and informative workshop was that I had set up the twelve strong team to understand better what to write about PR in their planning strategy. I had also given them the knowledge and skills to be able to work effectively with an external PR agency or freelancer.

To get the most benefit from your PR agency or freelancer, knowledge is power. When you understand the parameters, you can incorporate your PR strategy from the start of a project. In the conception stages, ask yourselves what are the optics on this and what can we do to maximise PR with this project?

The workshop I ran for the arts and culture organisation went through the process of delivering a PR campaign from start to finish including Strategy and Planning, creation, sending and reporting. At each stage, there are essential considerations that can optimise your chances of getting press. Something that is getting harder especially for things that do not include big names or celebrities.

I have found the most successful campaigns come from a joint action and collaboration by the client. You have to also make sure your PR is knowledgeable about the organisation and that means giving your PR a chance to participate in meetings and talk to the team regularly. A good external PR will be able to manage this well from the outside in. This saves you management time also.

If you would like training on how to build an effective PR campaign and work with a PR, I can run workshops and give tailored advice to your organisation. I am particularly good at work with niche and ‘hard to sell’ companies. Just get in touch.