Staying up to date with the latest industry news, cultural happenings and everything that is going on around us is a substantial part of our working day.

Media is changing, the news is loaded by the second and we need to stay informed so that we deliver the correct strategies and storytelling for our clients. So how do we do this? Not only Instagram and LinkedIn but a whole host of press, media and newsletters go into the knowledge base we work hard to keep up to date.

We subscribe to and read many newspapers – UK national news from the FT to the Guardian and The Times. A good app for sharing articles from multiple titles nationally and internationally is Informed News. The newspapers also have multiple subscriber newsletters for every interest. Here is a snapshot of what we digest regularly (and learning to skim read is an essential skill of course, or no work would get done.)

Arts industry paid-for subscriptions include The Stage and Arts Professional. We also LOVE Mobius Industries’ FREE daily briefing.

Newsletters are plenty try The Vaizey News (a snapshot of culture, media and tech highlights read by thousands), Arts Industry Simon Tait’s Taitmail (excellent writing and a brilliant summation of significant goings-on every week). The Mayor of London has a cultural one also. Where The Leaves Fall explore humankind’s connection with nature. If you are a member of the Arts Marketing Association, their newsletter is becoming an incredible resource.

To keep up with the arts there is FAD magazine, The Art Newspaper and Artnet and Art Review. I have also subscribed to the new Shade Podcast newsletter (paid). Disability Arts Online is a must-read, as is The Space for all things Digital and Maxwell Museums is good for museum intel.

From the influencers, Museum Mum and Bablands have you and the kids covered. I relish Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays and thankfully that doesn’t drop on a Friday like mostly everyone else – phew and delivers on travel and books as well as UK-wide arts and culture. London Art Critic Tabs Khan gets around the galleries and also shares what he watches and reads in his Monday morning newsletter, and there is not much Darren Prouty from London Art Roundup doesn’t see! Ian Visits is a massive collection of things to see and do in Greater London and makes me want to retire right now and do all the things.

I also have a deep interest in the development of AI. For a brilliant global overview, I recommend Marcus on AI.

This is the tip of the iceberg – and what this also tells us is how powerful inbox news still is. What newsletters or subscriptions have we missed that you love? Please tell us.

New additions after posting:

Recessed.Space – beautiful writing about art and architecture

Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre – it has a newsletter

Contagious – newsletter sign up at the bottom of home page

To-Do list – great for more discerning less populist culture picks (we love To-do!)

Nesta’s Civic AI Observatory – most necessary AI oversight Sign up here

Creative Industries Council Briefing Sign up here

Creative UK  Sign up here

Creative Industries Federation Sign up here