KISS actually means- Keep it short and simple.

Something I have noticed when working on press releases is that when I am given the freedom to write and I keep it punchy, to the point and with a good hook, my press campaign gets more responses.

Imagine you are a busy journalist for a moment. You usually receive around 600 emails a day and have pressing deadlines. When a four-page press release lands in your inbox with a lot of copy and a complex story – it is likely that your eyes will glaze over and you will hit DELETE.

Cover the who, what, when, where etc… and get to the nub of the story fast. Channel your inner clickbait copywriting skills to create an enticing headline.

It can be hard to relinquish your passion for detail and descriptions, fearing your work or project will not be understood properly. BUT the idea is to get journalists enticed and ask you for more.

Be brave and embrace brevity. K.I.S.S your press release.