Last week as my family isolated to protect my child who is vulnerable, I tweeted that I would be working strategically, writing and planning for my clients. This week of closures and cancellations has been painful to watch. Subsequently, all the creatives and freelancers I am connected to have seen their work cancelled – the Creative Industries Federation reports that 47% of freelancers have seen a 100% cut to their incomes.

I am still contracted and working with my clients who are dealing with managing people and working as best as they can. I am proud to say I work with ethical organisations that are looking after their people.

The biggest question is how long will this awful situation we find ourselves last? and what will come afterwards?

The spirit I have witnessed in good people is heartening and fills me with positivity for our future. The earth is getting a break from pollution and we are reconnecting with our humanity and talking to each other.

There are not any tips in this message – just a simple acknowledgement of the situation we find ourselves in and that I am here for my clients, should they need me to step up and support them.

Take good care, x Binita