Why should you be delighted about hiring a nosy PR?

One way to do PR is to walk into an organisation and take the simple route of using just what’s in front of you and rolling with it. We like to go a bit deeper…

As your PRs, we will be nosy. We like digging around inside your nooks and crannies and bottom drawers to find out all we can about you as a company and what your work is truly about.

We don’t feel we can speak on your behalf with authenticity* unless we really know you. We are the bridge, and when we know you well, we can judge accurately how to pitch you, what to say and very importantly – what not to say.

So by letting us in and trusting us with your deepest intelligence – that’s when you can trust that some magic is happening. The resulting PR campaigns will truly align with who you are and what your work is about.

*were you aware that ‘authentic’ is Merriam-Webster’s word of 2023?