I get asked this often so it is worth unpicking the disciplines in a simple way.

With marketing, you are speaking directly to your audiences. Using email newsletters, social media or advertising. You find out where your audiences are, build databases and followers and reach them through marketing directly to them.

PR (which is what I specialise in) stands for ‘Public Relations’ which is a great term because PR is not just about the press. It is also an organic tool that allows you to find new leaders that can become your biggest supporters through relationship building. These can be local or national press, bloggers, influencers or online and offline networks which have access to significant audiences for your business.

I have previously worked in marketing and audience development and I know that experience has made me a more effective PR because I understand audience behaviour and have insights into audience spectrums.

When I work with your business, I will look at many areas for developing potential PR relationships. I will research, nurture and grow PR databases that are bespoke and work for you. Over time we can sustain an active and engaged group of ‘fans’ that will want to write, talk or share about your work to their audiences.

The development of new audiences can really thrive with great PR.