As a comms expert, what do I always notice when I am watching a series or a film? It’s the lies that the characters tell or the withholding of key information.

It makes me laugh out loud sometimes when a character has a true best friend, but out of character they suddenly decide to withhold some key information that would make life continue as normal. But once that key info is held back, all hell breaks loose, and the disaster part of the story arc is activated.

You can’t actually have a story arc without lies and key bits of missing communication. The story needs drama and things to go wrong for it to then be remedied and saved. We all crave the happily ever after, don’t we?

But this does tell us why we need to communicate effectively. When we do not, bad things happen, drama ensues, and the baddies are given an opportunity to win.

 So next time you are watching a show and some dodgy, out of character bad communication occurs – have a smile on me.

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