PR can be strategic and powerful beyond selling a show or event.

I am finding more and more that people are switching onto the value of having a PR on retainer for longer-term strategic PR.

From supporting announcements to crafting stories out of the places you don’t expect, a good PR can support your visibility and leverage. Your thought leadership, opinions and what happens behind the scenes can all inspire audiences and peers.

Doing great work is not quite enough anymore. The right people need to know about your great work. Having an expert shape your external communications helps others understand what you do as well as helping you understand what you achieve.

Clients come to me because they have understood what they need to be more visible, but also have a desire to be more visible. They see that being part of leadership conversations and being seen means that they will get asked to feature in events and be seen as experts in their field. It is part of the cycle of funding and leveraging what you have achieved to be able to do more. 

As PR’s we are switched onto what is being talked about, what is in the news and the current status-quo of the arts and culture industries. So we are very well placed to suggest ideas and inspire possibilities that you could not. 

Good PR is a 360-degree service and can boost your visibility in unexpected ways. Find a PR who wants to get stuck in and do that with you.