Often, PR’s and Brand Consultants reference BIG names, relating tales of successful and exciting PR stories that got that brand even more customers or web clicks. These make you smile at the time, but when you reflect on this while you are at home making dinner, you might be left wondering how you can transfer these stories to influence you or your organisations PR.

Before I was a PR many years ago, I designed architectural glass artworks for buildings. Each project was unique and I would devise a completely bespoke approach to each commission I carried out. Now that is exactly how I approach all my PR work.

You are all unique. Your organisations have different PR audiences, as solopreneurs, you need to find a way of harnessing PR that works on a scale you can manage and action. Supporting people in a bespoke way is something those years of making work all around the country taught me.

I know you are not Coca Cola, Apple or Ikea. I know you have quirky stories to tell and audiences that are hard to find, but what I bring to your table is a skill share that is unique and adaptable that will excite and inspire you – because it makes sense to you.